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Monday, December 5, 2011

Christmas trees, Campfires and Zambonis

I have never decorated a fake Christmas tree. Let alone put one up. I snapped in all the branches, wrapped the lights around it, and hung up my ornaments.
The tinsel came later, don’t worry.
After everything was in place, KacyAnn flipped the switch and we sat on our couch looking at our newly finished project. (Trust me, it was a project. I’ve grown up with real trees me whole life…you pop it in the stand and then a week later pinecones are growing on the top. Real ones!)

“I love Christmas trees.” KacyAnn says to me. (If she had the time, she would have included “I love Christmas snow, I love Christmas carols, I love Christmas music, I love Christmas food, I love --- you get the idea. She really LOVES Christmas.)
“They’re like campfires and Zambonis. They bring peace to you.” She continued.
Now, it was after midnight at this point…my brain was operating in tired mode. I’d guess its somewhere along the lines of being drunk, minus the morning wakeup fun.
“Zambonis?” I asked; making sure I heard Zambonis and not zucchini or zebras or something.
“Yes, Zambonis.” She said. “Everyone stops to watch it, just like trees and campfires. It’s peaceful.”
Zambonis give you a fresh start. You skate around your rink of life, at times you dig your skate in the ice, other times you go too quickly. Then, periodically you have to slow down, step away, and repent, forgive, or apologize. You have to pull out your “Zamboni” and give yourself or someone else…a fresh coat of ice.
Does it take time to clean the ice? Yep.
But it makes life so much more…