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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Why? Because you chose to.

We went to feed the ducks. I swear there were thousands...okay maybe 50 ducks.

It was a lot of ducks.

Jayden and Kaylie came with KacyAnn and I and we were throwing bread to all these ducks and I saw the happiness it brought to them to watch ducks fly across the pond, snatch a piece of the goodness and then fly away.

It made them happy.

Why did it make them happy? It was feeding ducks. It wasn't like they were riding the ducks, shooting the ducks, or even cracking jokes with the ducks. They were just feeding them some bread-some kind of moldy bread.

Why were they happy? Was it because the ducks tickled them? I didn't see any tickling ducks...

They were happy because they chose to be.

You chose to love, to be happy, to hold grudges, to foster hatred.

"Agency can either open a new door to greater growth, or put you into a closed corner." -Elder Hales.

Where do you chose to be?

And whether you're happy, sad, or angry remember the reason why?

Because you chose to.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

The doors

Have you ever closed a door? What did it feel like?
Did it hurt? Were you happy?

Have you ever opened a door? And what about that? What did that feel like?

Now, what about the "doors" in your life?

I heard it said once, "sometimes you have to open the wrong door, so when you open the right one, you can appreciate that great gift you've been given."

I was thinking last night how so many different doors have been opened in my life because I was willing to close another. I think the problem we all run into at times though is staring so long at the door behind us.

When are you going to accept that maybe-just maybe, He can run your life better than you can?

I got home from my mission and got a job with my cousin. I'm grateful that door opened. 2 months later that door closed. Then I started EFY as a counselor. That summer shaped me in ways I couldn't imagine. Then that door closed. Then I worked at a grocery store, because of that door, I was able to see a family friend Lane quite a bit who was the manager of the Men's Wearhouse, my next job.

Because of a door in high school being opened to becoming best friends with TJ-I met Dustin. Through Dustin, I met Nate--through Nate, I have the best job I've had yet to this point in my life.

Maybe He can run my life better than I can.

As long as I don't stare at the past door too long.