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Sunday, January 16, 2011

"Be-a Happy"

I remember my last week as a missionary. We had recieved a media referal for an assisted living home. For a FFIC DVD. We talked to this older lady named Sylvia. She was from Italy. She had a strong Italian accent. She told us stories about how much she loved her mom, and how her dad left them for America when she was little. They eventually went to America and her mom and her have stayed since.

She told about how her mom became older and she eventually was in an assisted place. Her mom was getting ill and was going to die. She asked if she could take her mom and she would take care of her until her mom passed away. They said she could.

"I would go outside with her every-a day" she said.
"I would push-a her-a wheelchair and we would enjoy the sun together." (think about that)
"Why did you do that?" I asked.

"I wanted to make-a her life, to be-a happy."

That is where true conversion lies. You do it because you are. You go out everyday to teach because that's who you are. You love your family and help them become better, and love everyone you come in contact with because that's who you are. Christ loves us because that's who He is, He is love. He cannot not love us.

...and he wants us to live the laws and ordinances...and to have us live true religion, because he knows that when we do that....

Our life...will be-a happy.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Vending machines

"We must be aware of what we choose, if not we will choose to fail."

The other day I was sitting in class during a break we had a guy came in hoarding 4 candy bars and probably like 100 cookies.

"What the heck?" I said.

"Go check it out. The vending machine is broken outside and it gives you 3 of everything!"

So I go out there and sure enough, I press D7 for a Kit-Kat...I get 3 Kit Kat. I press B3 for a pink cookie, I get 3 pink cookies. I couldn't contain my excitement! It was awesome!

After all, it's the machine's fault it's broken. Not mine. I shouldn't have to be punished for my choosing to get a candy bar and I get 6. It's the machine's fault, not mine.

I called KacyAnn after class to tell her about my new found treasure. As I was telling her, I realized that what I had done wasn't the best choice.

I justified, "Yeah but I gave most of the candy away to fellow classmates. I'm like Robin Hood. I take from the rich and give to the poor. College students are as poor as they come."

My choice effected other people.

Be aware of yourself, what you are doing, how you are speaking.

Oh...and broken vending machines.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Untying a knot

Arizona in December is nice. Orange trees are fun to see.

Watching how Heavenly Father blesses you?

Nothing short of miraculous.

I realized something over my past week and a half in Arizona. Something that I've found needs to be re-emphasized to me every now and again until I get it. Until it sinks in.

I was in Arizona with KacyAnn's family. I had a lot of fun, including watching bottle rockets be launched at and chased by one of the dogs named Bella.

But that was not where I learned this lesson. I learned these lesson's from the one on one moments. From helping KacyAnn with wedding decisions, to talking to Brianna about not letting grades define who she is. Or doing the dishes to show Andrea and Cole in some small way how appreciative I am that they're allowing me into their family and to be with their daughter.

Life is not happy when life is about me. Life is happy when life is not about me.

I've had many experiences lately in my life (be them extrinsic or otherwise), that repeat this.

Life is happy, when life is not about me.

It's interesting to look inside yourself. I find that you'll always find a knot that needs untying. They may be knots of pride, being content, or not a willingness to listen. At times it maybe large knots, but other times they are the smaller-tighter knots.

Those knots that require...Someone else. Someone who knows how to untie any knot.

Because when life is about Him. Then life stops being about me. is happy.