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Saturday, September 4, 2010

The doors

Have you ever closed a door? What did it feel like?
Did it hurt? Were you happy?

Have you ever opened a door? And what about that? What did that feel like?

Now, what about the "doors" in your life?

I heard it said once, "sometimes you have to open the wrong door, so when you open the right one, you can appreciate that great gift you've been given."

I was thinking last night how so many different doors have been opened in my life because I was willing to close another. I think the problem we all run into at times though is staring so long at the door behind us.

When are you going to accept that maybe-just maybe, He can run your life better than you can?

I got home from my mission and got a job with my cousin. I'm grateful that door opened. 2 months later that door closed. Then I started EFY as a counselor. That summer shaped me in ways I couldn't imagine. Then that door closed. Then I worked at a grocery store, because of that door, I was able to see a family friend Lane quite a bit who was the manager of the Men's Wearhouse, my next job.

Because of a door in high school being opened to becoming best friends with TJ-I met Dustin. Through Dustin, I met Nate--through Nate, I have the best job I've had yet to this point in my life.

Maybe He can run my life better than I can.

As long as I don't stare at the past door too long.


  1. Thanks again for a wonderful post! Very good!! If only we can trust Him!

  2. Wow Ryan, that is a really good thought! I don't think I have ever thought about moving on with one's life in this way and how just putting a little trust in God can take you farther than you could have ever imagined! We always need to be willing to jump with a leap of faith and He will always be there to make sure we land on the other side. :)

  3. I think that sometimes I get caught up in this...because I am so scared of what's in front of me...even though I know that what He can offer me is far greater than anything I can even dream up myself...but it's incredibly scary to just let go and not try to have some control. Thank you...for this. As much as I hate to admit that I would need this reminder...I do.