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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Untying a knot

Arizona in December is nice. Orange trees are fun to see.

Watching how Heavenly Father blesses you?

Nothing short of miraculous.

I realized something over my past week and a half in Arizona. Something that I've found needs to be re-emphasized to me every now and again until I get it. Until it sinks in.

I was in Arizona with KacyAnn's family. I had a lot of fun, including watching bottle rockets be launched at and chased by one of the dogs named Bella.

But that was not where I learned this lesson. I learned these lesson's from the one on one moments. From helping KacyAnn with wedding decisions, to talking to Brianna about not letting grades define who she is. Or doing the dishes to show Andrea and Cole in some small way how appreciative I am that they're allowing me into their family and to be with their daughter.

Life is not happy when life is about me. Life is happy when life is not about me.

I've had many experiences lately in my life (be them extrinsic or otherwise), that repeat this.

Life is happy, when life is not about me.

It's interesting to look inside yourself. I find that you'll always find a knot that needs untying. They may be knots of pride, being content, or not a willingness to listen. At times it maybe large knots, but other times they are the smaller-tighter knots.

Those knots that require...Someone else. Someone who knows how to untie any knot.

Because when life is about Him. Then life stops being about me. is happy.


  1. I LOVE LOVE LOVED THIS!! I just untied a knot myself tonight. It feels good. Sometimes finding knots is surprising, because we don't always know they even exist.

    Love you!! Glad you had a great time in AZ too!!

  2. Baaaaah....I miss your face. I hate that you moved.