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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Watch the lights!

The other day I walked over to my kitchen and tried to turn on the light. It wouldn't turn on. I tried again....nothing.



"The kitchen light won't work."

After inspecting what could be the problem, KacyAnn noticed one of the breakers was flipped. KacyAnn said oh, this one is off. And she flips it...


It sparks and ALL the power goes out in the whole apartment. So...luckily I remembered that I still had lights from that time we played glow in the dark ultimate Frisbee a few years ago and so we were able to see and to get things done until the power company came.

Now, why do I tell you this?

I find it interesting how there are times when we all find ourselves in the dark. Be it because of our own choices, or otherwise. But even if someone else has done something to wrong us, we cannot forget that there is ALWAYS someone who can be there for us. And, like the power company, they may not be there right away. But they WILL be there. If we prepare ourselves, then those times may not be so bad, in fact, they may be a bit more bearable.

If we are humble.

If we are willing to ask for help.

And... if we are careful which switches we flip. Sometimes they spark.



  1. Ryan....I want more elaboration on this....wish we could chat. Btw, I am in a relationship. Would Kacy Ann be opposed if I talked to you about it? I am just wondering

  2. How is the marriage life treatin ya Ryan? Hope to meet KacyAnn sometime!