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Friday, October 1, 2010

Take off the mask

A man walked into a crowded room filled with friends, family, and people he'd known for years.

Not one person talked to him for the entire hour he was there.

"This is preposterous! I deserve better than that!" He exclaimed, stomping his way out to the car.

His wife, with a bit of a chuckle said, "Dear, you were wearing that silly mask the entire time. What did you expect? They didn't even know you."

I wonder how many times we've said that to ourselves?

"I deserve a raise, I've been here more than a year."
"I deserve more love than that."
"I deserve better than I have right now."

We deserve nothing.

Think about it.

We deserve nothing.

We serve God and serve others.

He deserves the credit. We deserve nothing.

If we could only take off our masks long enough to understand that.