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Sunday, October 17, 2010

Wow! A deer! A female deer!

Drives to the canyon are always fun. Especially in the fall.

I love to slow down and see the changes.

Changes in the leaves, changes in the weather, changes in people.

It's interesting to watch people. They react to the changes as negative (Fall means winter, I don't like winter) or positive (Fall means beautiful colors and college football!).

I learned recently how not only should we enjoy the changes, but slow down and soak them in.

Driving through the canyon, KacyAnn and I were coming back down a steep, curving road. I was trying not to ride the break so we weren't going very fast. I loved the time to reflect, and take in the changes.

Then I shot a deer.

How could I not? There were 50....maybe 60 deer up on this hillside! I had to shoot one. At least one.

Okay, so there were 5 or 6.

And...I shot them with my camera.

But it was a nice Kodak one. It was almost like looking through a scope!

As I was shooting these deer, a car came flying from behind me and passed me. They didn't even see the deer. They were going too fast to enjoy what was happening around them.

Maybe we should slow down a little more in life. You never know the deer you may be missing.


  1. Amen Brotha. I love fall. I love the canyons this time of year, and I love the leaves. I'm glad you took time to do this, I feel it is crucial to appreciate the beauty of this world.

  2. I love this, as I think this time of year is full of changes. Good and bad, although anything that Heavenly Father has planned for us is a good change...even if we don't recognize it right away.

    Also, I love the picture of you and KacyAnn and how model-esque (which I don't even think is a word)...she looks. I also, just enjoy your blog and insights...they help me remember what I should be focused on. Thank you for that!

  3. I'm a fan or this slowing down thing. Me likey.

  4. …. and now you two cuties are ENGAGED!