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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Stand where you are

I recently read something that made me think.

There have been many problems with the nuclear reactor in Japan. When the problems first came about, 50 workers volunteered to stay and help get things under control. They stay despite the danger of incredible radiation exposure and the time away from family, they stay because they know that is where they need to be.

Can you stand where you need to be?

I think of the story that was told of the men that were helping to carry a piano. Five of the men were carrying the piano and one less able man was carrying the stool.

Afterward one man turned to another and said, "How wonderful is that. That fragile man filled to capacity his ability."

"What are you talking about?" voiced another. "All he did was carry a stool."

"Ah, yes." said the man. "For there lies the wisdom that so many miss. If you have the power to move a piano, don't reach for the stool."

It's natural to find ways to escape the hard things. From moving across the country to letting go of a friend. Those "pianos" of our life that need lifting, and we decide to move the stool.

We turn down help with our "piano" and hope that the stool will suffice and still bring the harmony and sweet sounds that a piano can bring.

I hope next time I see a police officer, EMT, sewer worker...or piano stool mover, that I can remember their ability to stand where they are.

They stand where they are needed.

They sacrifice their strength, and at times their lives, for the need of someone else.

Because they were taught that.

Because they felt that it is right.

Because when the test comes for them to choose what they need to do, they choose what they chose so long ago.

No matter how hard that choice may be.

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