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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Judge me

I recently had a friend call me up. She was frustrated, to say the very least.

She had heard a roommate talking about her. Saying things about how she is too young to be getting married, she's just a baby and can't handle that kind of responsibility.

That phrase, "too young" has recently caught my eye.

I've found there is a difference between "mature age" and "biological age".

We all know of that person in high school that was just older. You looked at them and although they were your same age, sometimes a year or two younger, you knew they were just older.

That is how my friend is. She graduated from high school at age 16. Started college just before her 17th birthday, and now she's a year from graduating and if things go as planned for her, she'll be done with graduate school by age 22.

There's a difference there. Most 22 year old girls are barely graduating college, some debating missions, others' still trying to find what kind of person they want to be when they grow up.

We have no ability to judge someone based on what we think. If everyone listened to every wind of voices telling them what they think should be best for them; we wouldn't have 19 year old boys going on missions, 24 year olds translating ancient books, or 19 year old seniors in college getting married.

That must be why the scriptures talk about not judging those around you. Judging shines pride. I think the only judging we should sweat about is the time we will be judged after this life.

He knows our intent.

He knows our heart.

He knows our "mature age".


  1. I really really loved this post! Thank you for that!

  2. Thanks for this post Ryan. I believe we all have different maturity levels. Judging others by how "old or young" they are is not the best way to see things. We need to look at the person as a whole. It's our experiences and opportunities that bring about that maturity.

  3. For anyone to think that they "know" another person and can make those types of judgements is totally irrational, since it is impossible for one person to "know" how mature another person is. If the roomate is aware of herself enough, then the roomate can "know" how mature she is, but it is impossible to "know" that about another.