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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Neptune and Saturn

Have you ever looked through something and seen something different that what your natural eye can see?

For instance, a microscope, telescope, or a glass filled with water?

What happens to you when you learn this new perspective? Do you learn, apply, and grow to be a little taller...a little wiser?

Or do you just say, "that's great to see" and then do nothing about it?

Sometimes you have to really focus to see what you're trying to see. I remember going to look through this massive observatory telescope; I was hoping to see these amazing views and extraordinary pictures....

I saw little dots. Lame

It wasn't until the clouds had moved and the man in charge came up and said,"here let me adjust your view" that I started to see Saturn's rings and one of Neptune's moons.

We all have in our mind-eye what we want to something to look like. In talking to a lot of different people over the years, I've found that maybe it's more about finding within ourselves the humility to turn to the man in charge and say, "I can't see very well."

And then when the time is right, and the clouds have moved...He will come to you and say,

"Here, let me adjust your view."

And you'll be amazed what you'll be able to see.


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  2. I like this one Ryan. A lot. Thanks for always being so great, I hope things are going great for you guys!!

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  5. Congrats on getting hitched dude!

  6. So true, we all need help from the man in charge:)