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Friday, July 2, 2010

Become a tree hugger...I dare you!

I dare you....

I'm not going to short change this, or over sell this in any way, shape or form.

I want to be a tree hugger.

I read something recently that really made me think, and I loved how the writer put an interesting "enviormentalist twist" into it.

It's titled, "Save the Earthlings"

About 20 years ago John Javna wrote a nifty little book that became sort of a handbook for do-it-yourself environmentalists back in the day. It’s called “50 Simple Things You Can Do to Help Save the Earth.” For this new movement of social environmentalism I offer (with a tip of the hat to Javna) “10 Simple Things You Can Do to Help Save the Earthlings”:

1. Recycle Kindness. When someone does something nice for you, consider it a challenge to do something nice for someone else. And when someone is mean to you, repay them with kindness (trust me – it’s the best reaction. You’ll be surprised how much a little kindness can improve a relationship. And even if it doesn’t, you’ll have the satisfaction of driving the other person absolutely nuts. Either way, you win).

2. Plant a Kiss. Preferably on someone you love. Or at least know.

3. Conserve Water. Help dry a neighbor’s tear.

4. Stop Air Pollution. Stifle those hurtful, discouraging words. And if you simply must get them out of your system, write them down on a piece of paper and then rip it into tiny bits. You can even throw them on the ground and stomp around on them if you want to. It’ll make you feel better without having to make anyone else feel worse. (Oh, and don’t forget to clean up those bits of paper – for recycling, of course.)

5. Consume Less. Especially things that hurt you and the people around you. You’re doing yourself a favor if you eliminate tobacco, alcohol and drug abuse from your life. And I promise, the world will seem to be a sweeter, more pleasant place. Eventually.

6. Get Tough on Polluters. Refuse to watch television programs or movies that waste your time, drain your energy and make your brain go limp.

7. Don’t Use Plastic. If you can’t afford to pull out the green stuff when the cashier asks “Cash or charge?” – do without. Indebtedness can be devastating to your social health, and it’s never as easy to eliminate as you think it’s going to be. Just ask President Obama.

8. Study Global Warming. If we all became a little warmer to each other and more tolerant of other people and their customs, religions and definitions of the word “football,” maybe we wouldn’t have to worry so much about defending ourselves against prejudice and the ultimate Greenhouse Effect: nuclear conflict.

9. Garden Organically. But keep the ol’ compost pit in the yard where it belongs. No need to allow the . . . you know . . . stuff to pile up in the middle of your personal or professional relationships, where all it will fertilize is uncertainty and mistrust. Be open, honest and candid, and let the “chips” fall where they may. So to speak.

10. Take a Stand. You’ll be surprised to find out how invigorating it can be to stand up for something you really believe in. Of course, first you have to decide what that “something” is – which can be an exciting adventure all by itself.

But do it now. Because of Earth Day. Because you care. Because you want to make the world a better place. And because . . . well . . . “You don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone.”

I hope we can all keep finding ways to improve our "tree hugging" attitudes.

C'mon...I dare you.


  1. I will start coming on and commenting so that you know that I read it even though I get it delivered to my nook (which is why I don't comment) so that you will know that I really do read this.

  2. Hippie. It's ok, I love it. :D

  3. i learned about being a tree hugger yesterday in my bio class... haha. reduce, reuse, recycle.