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Friday, July 23, 2010

Who do you think you are?!

TJ draws better than me, Melissa plays the piano better than me, Tiffany knows how to talk to people better than me,

and Chad is...Chad. Chad = better than me.

Who do they think they are?

Truth is, we all have things we are "better at" than another.

And we have to love them for that. We love them for who they are-despite choices they make, comments they say or things they do.
I read a talk given at a BYU devotional recently by Elder Lynn G. Robbins. I liked his insight he shared using scripture:

Let’s look at the Lord’s list of behaviors showing how He loved the Church and apply it to the loving relationship that should exist between sweethearts. We find it in 1 Corinthians 13 [1 Cor. 13] and Moroni 7 [Moro. 7].

True love—charity—suffereth long.

• Is patient instead of impatient and tolerant of imperfections instead of intolerant.

• Is helpful instead of being critical of weaknesses. Charity does not criticize, is not cranky, and does not complain.

True love is kind.

• Is happy, thoughtful, helpful, interested in others, a good Samaritan, merciful, and true love gives comfort.

True love envieth not.

• Is content, frugal, and grateful for blessings; is not covetous, resentful, jealous, or greedy; avoids unnecessary debt; and is a full tithe payer. Charity is not selfish or vain, and it lives within its income.

True love is not puffed up.

• Is humble and teachable, does not seek attention, praises others, does not murmur or belittle.

True love doth not behave itself unseemly.

• Is courteous, well-mannered, reverent, respectful, and mindful, as well as clean, neat, and considerate of other’s property and feelings; is not crude, indecent, or improper.

True love seeketh not her own.

• Is tenderhearted, caring, sharing, sensitive, compassionate, generous, and united; thinks we, not I; listens; seeks to please God; is not demanding, controlling, or manipulative; does not blame; and says, “I’m sorry.”

True love is not easily provoked.

• Is forgiving, patient, calm, gentle, and respectful; is a peacemaker who does not get angry, irritable, or vengeful; is not abusive in word or deed; does not swear or quarrel.

True love thinketh no evil.

• Is not judgmental but respectful and trusting, pure and obedient; does not think evil of others by gossiping or finding fault; is modest in thought, dress, and speech; is not deceitful, cruel, or dishonest; avoids inappropriate music, pornography, and dirty jokes.

True love rejoiceth not in iniquity, but rejoiceth in the truth.

• Has a temple recommend and wants an eternal marriage; stays close to the Spirit through regular scripture study and prayer; is responsible; is not light-minded.

True love beareth all things.

• Is bold and patient with affliction and trials (this does not mean that abuse victims should silently bear cruelty or follow a spouse who is disobedient to God); is grateful; does not insult others; is not defensive, irritable, touchy, or grouchy; is not weary in well-doing.

True love believeth all things.

• Is cheerful; sees the eternal potential of a spouse; makes the least of the worst and the most of the best; shows by actions that there is a firm belief in eternal families; holds fast to the iron rod; has goals, dreams, a vision, and plans for a happy, successful life together.

True love hopeth all things.

• Is an optimist who looks for the best; praises, builds up, and expresses affection.

True love endureth all things.

• Doesn’t complain or murmur, is steadfast, accepts responsibility, and is industrious while showing initiative.

True love never faileth.

The Lord is describing a love that deals with our behavior. And behavior isn’t something you fall into or out of. Behavior is something you control and decide. Agency is involved here.
—Elder Lynn G. Robbins

Love is a choice. It's not something you expect or deserve, it is an action.

Or maybe you feel you're better than everyone else?

Who do you think you are?


  1. I love this Ryan-so true for all of us. I believe love conquers all. Thank you for being you!

  2. I am Casey, but I have just been re-reading the 5 languages of love and that love is a choice of what we choose to give to someone else. That is awesome. What is the talk so that I can look it I really want to read it.

  3. "Love is a choice. It's not something you expect or deserve, it is an action."

    Thank you for sharing yourself on your blog. The longer I live, the more I learn. The more I change. Change is not easy.

    Look at every single one of the revelations that Joseph Smith received. Each one of them were given to him because he asked questions.