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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Idea on Ideals

We all have ideals.

Notice, I did not say idols, I said ideals. Ideals are what you believe to be the perfect scenario.

Keeping in touch with your best friend since high school, growing old with him and building a house next door. Ideal.

Graduating college with a job set in place with a starting six-figure salary. Ideal.

Children have thousands of ideals. Jayden comes over to grandma's house with the ideal situation that he's going to have thousands of toys, lots of games, and a plethora of movies.

Yes. A plethora.

Each of our ideals may vary. There is a problem that confronts us though, when ideals are not met. We can become very upset that someone or something was not ideal.

Whether it's hitting traffic when you weren't expecting it, someone leaving you, or spilling food all on yourself during your date with that "perfect person". We can begin to take offense to someone or something...because our "ideal" was not met. A lot of the time, no one knows what our ideals are.

None of us are mind-readers, (breaking news to all you X-Men fans) and we cannot completely know what others' ideals are 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We must talk.

Communicating brings about our ideals.

At least...that's my idea.


  1. Madison's ideal....Ryan not living far away. Consider it communicated. I miss your face, hope everything is going well!

  2. No bigger truth was ever said! You must also realize that communicating and talking are 2 completely different things at times. You can Talk without communicating and Communicate without talking. But to get to the asolute truth of some matters within a relationship BOTH must be used simultaneously.