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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Independent on being dependent

People need people to need themselves.

Being independent is an interesting thing. We either shy away from it and depend on others (family, friends, government) to help us in every way; or to contrast, we become so independent that we begin to believe that we cannot rely on anyone else to do anything for us, and that we are ultimately the only ones that can bring that happiness to us. T0 quote Boyd K Packer,

“The principle of self-reliance or personal independence is fundamental to the happy life. In too many places, in too many ways, we are getting away from it..."(Boyd K. Packer, Conference 1978)

I think we're missing something...I think we're missing...the innate need to be independent while dependent.

Not one or the other, but both.

I've found that when a person learns to be independent with their own personal growth (spiritually or physically), and they find the balance between dependence and independence, this is when the most growth happens.

When a mother of 5 is stricken with cancer and she begins to understand that she needs to be strong (independent), but she also needs friends and family to step in and help with making the family meal (dependent)....

That is when change and growth happens.

You independently lift weights, but you depend on the spotter, or on the machine pulleys to keep you from crashing the weight down and hurting yourself.

You can't solely depend, and you can't solely be independent.

I should be better at this. Although I feel that my spirituality is independent to me....

....I'm not sure that it is....

So I'm trying to be more independent....

While being dependent.


  1. I think a good word that means both is interdependent; you depend on others while being independent so others can depend on you. Zion is made of an interdependent people. (For more on this, read the book "Covenant Hearts" by Bruce C. Hafen. It's one of my favorites.)

  2. I think there is no harm in being little dependent on others when you really can't do it all by yourself. Being independent is great and I really loved what you said about happiness and in dependency , if one is independent he must not depend on others for his happiness.
    Are You Independent?
    Do you do things your way or the others’ way?