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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Super man- boy

The tutor for math wasn't there, I came at the wrong time.

"Sorry." said Calli the secretary.
"It's fine, I'll be back." I said.

I decided to go to the Institute, I haven't been there for a while, and I've come to find a certain comfort there that I haven't had other places. That probably came from being Vice President of the place last year.

I was walking from my car down a dead end road toward my end goal, ya know doing the normal stuff, sneezing from dreaded hay-fever and kickin' a rock. I looked to my left and saw this little blond haired boy taking the trash to the can.

He was in a Super man costume.

Full-on, red undies and cape. Super man.

He looked to be maybe 6. As I watched this boy throw the trash out and then run back to his mom sitting on the lawn with his 3 siblings, I thought about how it was that Super man boy was so happy?

How could he be? It's 90 degrees outside and he's wearing long sleeves and undies on the outside of his pants!

As I look at what that boy did, and look at myself and things I've done/do, I think he's happy for 3 reasons:

  1. He loves his family. He's there for them, and he helps them out, even with the small things in life. He loves to be with them despite their differences, (his 2 sisters were wearing ballerina costumes!)
  2. He doesn't care about what others think about him. I hope he never has to experience something that will completely taint that view.
  3. He loves his hero and strives to be like him. (Don't do anything drastic like jump off a roof or anything.)
I thought about that all day long. As I was playing water volleyball tonight for our ward activity, and I was with some new people from my ward that I don't know very well, some people I do, and some I've never sat down and come to know, I realized how much more I need to be more like Super man boy. I hope and pray that I can be.

Only....without the red undies.


  1. Ryan, I think you're a super hero. You always made me feel welcome and valuable. You have a remarkable gift to love and serve others that has blessed me and been an example to me. Thank you. :]

  2. Whatever, you want the red undies. Just admit it. Also, I read this post, as promised, even though you told me all about it before hand. Now please read mine and come up to visit so I can teach you the ways of blogging. Love your guts.