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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Taking it off

Someone had to take it off, and that someone was not going to be me!

I was not going to be like so many others who tore it off like one of those really ugly Christmas sweaters your grandma gave you 5 years ago and you wear just for the sake of wearing it...only one day a year.

This was not just an accessory on my clothing. It made me part of who I became, who I was, who I am.

I've realized that in order for one person to wear the name tag though, someone else must take it off.

Since being home 2 and a half years, I've wondered, "Has it been a good or bad thing that I'm no longer in the "weird stage"?" You know what I'm talking about, that point right after a mission when everyone says, "give him a month and he'll be back to "normal"." I've thought about that a lot recently; when I came home and people thought of me as strange, I was likely doing the following upon coming home:
  1. I read my scriptures daily
  2. I constantly helped people. Whether on the bus, train, or in a car, or even in a ward I don't like.
  3. I had personal prayer. Every day.
  4. I repented of my short comings. Every day.
  5. I focused on things of God, rather than things of Me. I tried my best to follow the Spirit's guidance.
So why did I let - or do I let, those "weird" things fade?

After all, I didn't take that off with my name tag...right?


  1. I agree. There will be some people that find you weird, but I used to tell my efy girls that the only person that you have to be "cool" with is God. Who cares if the rest of the world (or dare I say, Church?) thinks we're weird???

  2. Congrats on coming home! :) It was hard for me to take my name tag off... I cried. The stake pres said "Ok, you have to take it off... but you can wear it around the house." LOL! :D

    Keep strong with your plan! Here comes the hard part! I will not lie to you, not a second of this will be easy. Don't let it slip. 30 days makes a habit. It'll be like serving a whole other mission now that you're home.

  3. You've even made little old me think! You're a great writer. :)

  4. I don't know why you let them fade my friend, they aren't THAT weird. But you'll get them back if you want.

  5. The reason every one thinks it's weird, even those who have been on missions, is because they get into the world and the "Natural Man is an Enemy to God" so we find that quoting scripture and praying and serving our fellow man is a thing that is out of the ordinary.

    We also need to remember that one who is called on a mission is literally selected by God and sent to their fields of service. After we are release we continue doing the things you listed above because we are creatures of habit. Not doing these things every day is not a bad thing, the fact that we are going against that "Natural Man" and striving to be more like God and Jesus Christ, and serve them with a pure heart, is all that is expected of us. Some may go further in their spiritual journey, but that is because they were called to do that before this life.

    Just a little thought.